Bukom Banku weeps bitterly on live radio over son’s betrayal


• Bukom Banku has alleged that son dated his ex-girlfriend

• According to the boxer, he is extremely hurt about the incident

• Bukom Banku was pained about the fact that his son called for his arrest after confronting him

Ghanaian boxer, Briamah Kamoko, popularly known as Bukom Banku, has alleged that his son had an affair with his ex-girlfriend.

Bukom Banku who was reduced to tears while narrating the incident said his son, identified as Amadu, failed to heed his several warnings.

He was extremely emotional about the fact that Amadu called for his arrest after they both engaged in a fight over the girl.

“He called the police to arrest me. I told him to leave the girl because I’ve dated her before and she did not mind me. I don’t have money. I struggle to make ends meet. I have to beg for money before I’m able to eat. I’ve developed a serious eye problem so I’m unable to engage in boxing these days. My children are 13 in number and I struggle to take care of them. I have looked after you all these years. I give you pocket money and pay your school fees”, he stated in an interview with Okay FM’s Halifax.

Amadu who was also present in the studio apologized for his misconduct and promised to be of good behavior.

“I want to apologize to my father and also all that he said is the truth. This incident happened a year ago but he still feels hurt. He has refused to talk to me since then till now. I have parted ways with the girl and I promise that such a thing won’t happen again,” he stated.


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