The heated argument as NPP’s Miracles Aboagye clashes with Berla Mundi on live TV


Things got a bit heated on the Friday, August 26, 2022, edition of TV3’s breakfast show as host, Berla Mundi, clashed with the New Patriotic Party’s representative on the panel, Dennis Miracle Aboagye.

Their clash was over a report that captured that the government’s revenue target for the Electronic Transfer Levy (E-Levy) fell by a further 7%.

Berla Mundi, in a question to Miracles Aboagye, mentioned what she claimed to be a report from the Ministry of Finance highlighting that for the second time running, the government failed to achieve its revenue target from the Electronic Transfer Levy.

Miracles Aboagye, who is the Executive Secretary of the Inter-Ministerial Coordinating Committee, disputed the report, stressing that the ministry has issued no such report.

He dared the show host to provide evidence of such assertions as was being championed by Berla Mundi, even as she insisted that the figures she was quoting were from a report released by the Finance Ministry.

Dennis Aboagye: Is there any consumer research that says people are not using E-Levy because they want to pay 0.5%? Do you have any research that shows that the usage of the E-Levy has gone down?

Berla: I’m not saying it. It is your Finance Ministry that is saying it. It came out two days ago and this is something we’ve all discussed.

Dennis: I checked from the ministry and they told me these figures did not come from them.

Berla: So what is the figure?

Dennis: I’m telling you that these figures are not from the Finance Ministry because I checked it.

Berla: So, what are their figures? If I didn’t have the report, I wouldn’t put out these figures.

The banter dragged on for more than two minutes before cool heads eventually prevailed.


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