How Aisha Huang got a Police Commander transferred and smoked in Kofi Boakye’s office


A Police Commander was forced to stand still with his hands at his back as Galamsey Queen, Aisha Huang, smoked packets of cigarettes at the office of former Ashanti Regional Police Commander, ACP Kof Boakye.

This action, a former small-scale miner narrated demonstrated how powerful the lady who has become known as ‘Galamsey Queen’ is, in Ghana and could do a lot in the country.

In an interview on Accra-based Okay FM monitored by, the man who claimed to know much about the Galamsey Queen narrated that Aisha Huang quickly learned the Twi and English Languages in Ghana and thus became an intermediary between the Chinese nationals and Ghanaians.

“She is fluent both in English and Twi so she became the translator for the Chinese who came to seek concessions in Ghana but as smart as she is, she quickly learned the trade, acquired concessions, and started mining too…,” Robert Owusu narrated.

He further claimed that her fluency in English and Twi accelerated her rise in the industry and ‘with determination to always subdue whoever was powerful enough to stop her in her tracks.

“She once had a case with some of the Chinese over a land and reported it at the Mankraso Police Station where she claimed the Police Commander sold the land to her…I remember the Police Commander was even transferred from the area because of that…,” he added.

To prove how powerful and untouchable she had become in Ghana, the woman who is said to have other businesses aside from her numerous concessions in the Ashanti Region was spotted smoking at the office of the man regarded as one of the ‘no nonsense’ Police Officers in Ghana, Kofi Boakye.

Listen to Robert Owusu unmask the Galamsey Queen:


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