‘I have accepted’ – Kwasi Kwarteng’s emotional statement after his sack

'I have accepted' - Kwasi Kwarteng's emotional statement after his sack
'I have accepted' - Kwasi Kwarteng's emotional statement after his sack

Kwasi Kwarteng has written to the Prime Minister of the UK, Liz Truss, indicating that he has accepted her decision to sack him.

The outgoing Chancellor of the Exchequer of the United Kingdom was at post for only six (6) weeks, making him only second in the history of the country to have served this briefly in the office.

In an earlier report by the BBC, it said that Kwasi Kwarteng’s sacking was influenced from a mini-budget he presented that has since sparked financial turmoil and revolt from Conservative Members of Parliament.

In a response to the news, the British-born Ghanaian politician said that even before taking up the job, he knew he could not tow the lines of those before him, thereby the need to adopt more drastic approaches.

Accepting the decision, he added that he knew the country’s fight against its current difficult economic challenges would be a tough one.

“You have asked me to stand aside as your Chancellor. I have accepted.

“When you asked me to serve as your Chancellor, I did so in full knowledge that the situation we faced was incredibly difficult, with rising global interest rates and energy prices. However, your vision of optimism, growth and change was right.

“As I have said many times in the past weeks, following the status quo was simply not an option,” he wrote in a statement.

Kwasi Kwarteng also explained that while the challenges exist, he is optimistic in the vision of the Prime Minister, knowing too from many years of friendship with her that she is making the right decision.

“For too long this country has been dogged by low growth rates and high taxation – that must still change if this country is to succeed.

“The economic environment has changed rapidly since we set out the Growth Plan on September 23. In response, together with the Bank of England and excellent officials at the Treasury we have responded to those events, and I commend my officials for their dedication.

“It is important now as we move forward to emphasis your government’s commitment to fiscal discipline. The Medium-Term Fiscal Plan is crucial to this end, and I look forward to supporting you and my successor to achieve that from the backbenches.

“We have been colleagues and friends for many years. In that time, I have seen your dedication and determination. I believe your vision is the right one. It has been an honour to serve as your first Chancellor,” he wrote.

Kwasi Kwarteng’s six-week tenure as the Chancellor of the Exchequer of the UK has been dogged with a few major incidences, including the British press calling him out for smiling during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.


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