‘Only a fool would resort to prayer to end galamsey’ – Captain Smart

‘Only a fool would resort to prayer to end galamsey’ – Captain Smart
‘Only a fool would resort to prayer to end galamsey’ – Captain Smart

Captain Smart has said “only a fool would resort to prayer to end galamsey” rather than instilling self discipline and life principles.

Speaking during the motivation session of Mondays edition of the Onua TV/FM morning show, Maakye, Captain Smart exalted that where principle is required, application of prayer becomes useless.

Using the birth of Christ as an example, he said because God created the world for humans, Jesus needed to come through human, and a virgin for that matter. He noted the underlying principle for His birth was for there to be a virgin through whom He would come.

“Life is governed by principles not prayer. That’s why Jesus told them to watch and pray not pray and watch. It means you must apply the life principles before adding the prayer to change the spiritual equation. That is why only a fool will pray for galamsey to end. How can you tell me you’re praying for the chemicals to leave the water?,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Christian associations in Ghana have launched a 7-Day Fasting and Prayer Session to pray to God and ask for His intervention to end the illegal mining menace that has bedevilled the state.

Following a visit to one of the sites last week to pray amid the singing of patriotic songs, the various associations are embarking on this journey of faith to curtail the canker since several interventions from the government could not end it.

The fasting and prayers is being organised by the Christian Council of Ghana, the Ghana Pentecostal and Christian Council, the Catholic Bishops Conference, National Association of Charismatic and Christian Churches and all other Ecumenical bodies.


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