NASPA appeals for an increase in National Service allowance

NASPA appeals for an increase in National Service allowance
NASPA appeals for an increase in National Service allowance

The National Service Personnel Association (NASPA), is appealing to the government for an upward adjustment of allowances paid to service personnel.  

The Association said it noted with grave concern the soaring costs and standard of living in the country in recent times that affected every aspect of Ghanaian society. 

Mr Emmanuel Wit Duncan Agbogah, the National President, in a release copied to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) disclosed that the most affected group of individuals were the personnel, who were rendering invaluable services in various fields of endeavour across various public sectors in the country. 

The release said although the NSS allowance was last adjusted in January 2017 from GH¢350.00 to GH¢ 559.04, the current economic situation coupled with hikes in fuel and utility bills made it difficult for personnel to “barely keep their heads above water.”  

It said it was time for a holistic concern despite taking into consideration the effects of COVID-19 and the Russian-Ukrainian war.  

“We acknowledge that Covid-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war have negatively impacted all economies globally, but we are also cognisant of the fact that, it is in such same difficult times that the government showed leadership by paying “COLA” to public and civil servants across the country without considering the plight of its most vulnerable indigenes, National Service Personnel.” 

The release said as an Association they believed the “ordinary Personnel” across the country deserved better.” 

It said it was their expectation that their issue of allowance increment to feature prominently in the budget hearing to serve them with some gladness. 

The release said they were also appealing to all relevant stakeholders to use their esteemed offices to heed and address their humble request for an upward adjustment of the allowances. 

“We are getting frustrated on this patriotic journey and need rescue. We entreat all our members to remain calm and resolute while we use all the diplomatic means available to us.” 

The National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) is the umbrella organization for the country’s over 120,000 National Service Personnel.  


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