Grow and export “wee” to save economy – NPP’s Keskine Owusu Poku advises Gov’t

Grow and export “wee” to save economy – NPP’s Keskine Owusu Poku advises Gov’t

Public policy expert and activist of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Keskine Owusu Poku, has asserted that, in this time of economic crisis, the quickest way out of it is to grow and export marijuana (alias: wee or weed). Marijuana is a commodity which, for him, can be sustainably exported to other countries for much-needed foreign exchange.

In a series of write-ups on social media, the Doctoral Candidate of the University of Edinburgh who has consulted for the Government of Ghana noted that marijuana ought to be legalised and decriminalized for the benefit of the country. He argued that countries that inspired Ghana to criminalize marijuana have beat a retreat and Ghana must take advantage.

“The fastest way to get out of such a crisis is to have a commodity that you can sustainably supply. Marijuana is that commodity for Ghana,” he averred.

He added that “those who forced you to criminalize it are now decriminalizing and legalising. Take advantage, grow wee and sell to them for forex.”

The growing of marijuana in Ghana for health and industrial purposes has been decriminalised since 2019.

The Parliament of Ghana passed the Narcotics Control Commission Bill, 2019 to allow for the use of marijuana ( cannabis) for strictly health and industrial purposes.

It is unclear how the new law has impacted the country economically since the passage of the law


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