Christian Atsu pulled out of the rubble alive – Club manager


Former Black Stars player Christian Atsu has been rescued from the rubble in the earthquake-ravaged Turkish city of Hayat.

The club’s manager Mustafa Ozat confirmed to a local radio station that the player had been rescued with injuries and sent to the hospital.

Christian Atsu was removed injured. Our sporting director, Taner Savut, is unfortunately still under the rubble… We are coming towards the end of the most dangerous hours.”

Journalist Yağız Sabuncuoğlu, who broke the news of Atsu’s trapping, tweeted early Tuesday, February 7, 2023, about the rescue: “Christian Atsu has been pulled from the wreckage alive!”

He also confirmed to a Ghanaian journalist that Atsu was doing well before promising to share updates as and when they came in.

How the club debunked news of the rescue on February 6

Hatayspor official Mustafa Özat during an update to the media on the club’s missing employees, late Monday (February 6) said they were still searching for Atsu and their club director.

The local news outlet, Haberturk quoted Özat as saying: “Unfortunately, Christian Atsu and our sporting director Taner Savut are still under the rubble.”

He also addressed widespread reports by A Bola, a Portugues media outlet that reported extensively that Atsu had been rescued and that he had sustained injuries and had been transported to a hospital.

“(We are aware of what) a Portuguese source says about Christian Atsu, but we cannot reach him. We cannot reach anyone. We cannot reach that area,” Özat stressed.

“We are waiting for help. It’s the hardest place to reach. Hatay is the place that needs the most help right now. Everyone needs help in earthquake zones, but there is a great need for help in Hatay,” he added.


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